Great people providing great Heating Repair services in Ardmore, Ada & Edmond

In addition to providing the latest, most cost-efficient heating products, Hunter Heat and Air offers a full range of Heating repair services—all backed by our guarantees. We value your business and want to do whatever we can to make sure you’re satisfied.

Be careful who performs your heating repairs. At Hunter Heat & Air LLC, we treat your home with respect. We use drop cloths and booties inside your home so after every air conditioning repair, your home looks exactly the same as when we arrived. When you need heating service, we provide it. At Hunter Heat & Air LLC we do our best to fix and repair your heater, rather than trying to sell you a new heating unit, like many HVAC contractors.

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Why Choose Hunter Heat & Air

  • Dependable service
  • Quality products
  • Honest, upfront pricing
  • Unbeatable guarantees
  • Customer Service that is second to none!
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Call us today at 580-223-9090 and speak to the Air Conditioning and Heating pros at Hunter Heat and Air about your Heating Repair needs.
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Our Community

Hunter Super Techs serve the Texoma communities with our core values of honesty and respect. We provide super service because our customers are our friends and family.

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We live, work and pray as a community. Would you like to request a prayer or join us in prayer to support a member of our community? All prayers welcome!