Safe Electrical Panel Upgrades for your Ardmore, OK Area Home

If you have an older home, then your electrical panel was probably not made for the multitude of electrical appliances, electronic devices and technology that most of our homes contain today. Rather than a complete home rewire, consider an electrical panel upgrade from Hunter. Our licensed electricians perform upgrades to keep your Ardmore, OK area home safe from electrical overloads, and maintain the integrity of your existing wiring.


If your electrical panel was manufactured by the Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) or Zinsco. These two brands have been deemed hazardous due to the frequency of malfunctions that can cause shock and fire hazards and need to be replaced right away. Click here to lean more!

Hunter Super Techs - Electrical Panel Upgrades for older homes near Ardmore, OK

How do you know when you need an electrical panel upgrade?

  • Your electrical panel has passed the effective “use by” date.
  • Your main isolating switch has a low rating that is no longer up to code.
  • Your electrical panel does not have at least two safety switches protecting the power and lighting circuits.
  • Your electrical panel does not have dedicated circuit breakers for ovens, air conditioners, and other high energy consumption items.
  • Your electrical panel includes older fuses which are no longer permitted because they are deemed unsafe.

At Hunter, we operate as a team, serving Ada and Ardmore OK and the surrounding Texoma communities. With every electrical panel upgrade, our philosophy is to treat each customer the way we would like to be treated. That’s why we offer:

  • Expert electrical panel upgrades from licensed electricians
  • Honest, upfront pricing on all electrical work
  • Dependable warranties
  • Financing to ease the stress of paying for for electrical repairs and upgrades
  • Customer service that is second to none!
Unsafe Electrical Panels in the Ardmore, OK area upgrades for older homes.
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  • Expert installation by licensed electricians
  • Honest, upfront pricing
  • Dependable warranties
  • Financing to help ease the stress of paying for electrical services
  • Customer service that is second to none!
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Hunter super electricians want to help you create a safe, comfortable home environment. We understand that you need a fully functional electrical system that you can rely on, and that keeping your electrical panel up to code and up to date is crucial to making this happen. Call us today for fast, friendly, 5-star electrical service that puts your safety first!
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