Protect your Southern Oklahoma Home From Water Damage with a Ceiling Saver

If you’ve ever had a leak somewhere in your attic, then you know how much damage even a small amount of water can cause as it makes its way down through ceilings and walls. For our customers with HVAC systems located in the attic, Hunter Heat & Air recommends protecting your home from potential damage with a Ceiling Saver. This product is well worth the investment for many of our customers in Ardmore, Ada, Durant, Edmond, and throughout Southern Oklahoma.

What is a Ceiling Saver?

A Ceiling Saver is a large plastic pan that is installed underneath your HVAC system. In the event of a drain malfunction or excess condensation, the water will be caught in the pan and drained through a hose. Hunter recommends and installs the Goliath Series, which is the most durable HVAC ceiling saver on the market. This ceiling saver can support an HVAC system that weighs up to 466 pounds, and includes the AG-4200 float switch system. The Ceiling Saver is such an important safety feature that many areas actually require it in the building codes.

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Learn More About Ceiling Savers for your Southern Oklahoma Home

Hunter super techs want to help you create a safe, comfortable home. We know that having safety products in place will help avoid the stress and large expenses associated with repairing water damage. If you would like to learn more about Ceiling Savers or any of our other HVAC safety products, give us a call today!
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